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Starts a new drag operation (ending any
currently in progress). The full syntax is:
  <type>    Type of drag: 1 fixed box
                          2 rubber box
                          3 reserved
                          4 sprite
  <subr>    Subroutine to call when drag
            complete, parameters must be:
            <subr>(x0, y0, x1, y1)
  <window>  Window to base coordinates on or
            -1 if absolute
  <X0>,<Y0> Top-left of start position
  <width0>  Width of start box
  <height0> Height of start box
  <X1>,<Y1> Top-left of bounding box
  <width1>  Width of bounding box
  <height1> Height of bounding box
  <param>   Extra parameters, eg. sprite name

If all the bounding box points are 0 then
the bounding box is taken to be the screen.

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