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This message is broadcast to all tasks when an application wishes to issue an ActiveApps command.


Offset Contents
16 ActiveApps_Command (&50300)
20 Unique reference number, currently taken from OS_ReadMonotonicTime, but subject to change in later versions. This reference number is returned when a reply is sent.
24 Task name (or path) to send to, "" means all applications should act on this command. Gateway takes task paths (specifying machine names over a network or internet) and sends the command to that machine. Local applications should just be referenced using the task name in the Task Manager. This is control character terminated, (ie < CHR$(32))
mm Task name (or path) command was sent from. Gateway will automatically suffix this if the command is distributed out of the system, so when the message is broadcast this should just be the local application name. This is control character terminated, (ie < CHR$(32))
nn The ActiveApps command itself. This is simply an ASCII based character string. Commands can be case-sensitive if necessary and is control character terminated, (ie < CHR$(32)). All applications must support the following commands:
The task should respond as quickly as possible after receiving this message with a "Pong" reply.
The task should continue as if "Quit" had been selected from the Task Manager. The task may query the user as to whether or not they wish to quit if there is unsaved work.
The task should quit immediately after receiving this command, performing only minimal tidying up (freeing up any RMA used, for example) and no errors should be produced (hence use X-format SWIs)