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This message is broadcast to all tasks when an application wishes to reply to an ActiveApps command.


Offset Contents
16 ActiveApps_Reply (&50301)
20 Unique reference number as passed here in ActiveApps_Command.
24 Task name (or path) to send reply to, ie. the application which sent the original command. Gateway takes task paths (specifying machine names over a network or the Internet) and sends the command to that machine. Local applications should just be referenced using the task name in the Task Manager. This is control character terminated, (ie < CHR$(32))
mm Task name (or path) command was sent to, ie. the current application name. The Gateway application will automatically build this up as the command is distributed around the system, so when the message is broadcast, this should just be the local application name. This is control character terminated, (ie < CHR$(32))
nn The ActiveApps reply itself. This is control character terminated, (ie < CHR$(32)). Only one reply is defined in the standard:
Sent in response to a "Ping" command.